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Patty Bessmer

Register of Deeds
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Shelly Copple

Deputy County Clerk

Steven Schneider

Administrative Assistant

The County Clerk is secretary to the County Board of Supervisors.  The county clerk is the bookkeeper of the county and must countersign all vendor and payroll checks approved by the board which have been signed by the chairman. Since 1987 marriage licenses have been issued by the county clerk’s office.  Several special duties are required by law.

The Register of Deeds office contains the history record of all real estate transactions. If a register of deeds is not elected pursuant to section 32-518, the county clerk shall act as ex officio register of deeds.

The county clerk is also in charge of elections. The county clerk shall have the powers and perform the duties assigned to the election commissioner except in those counties which have an election commissioner as provided by section 32-207 or 32-211.